i mentioned a day or two ago that my momma got me this super cute ring for my birthday. 
yeah, im in love with it. 
i wear it every day and it never comes off. its probably the sweetest, most meaningful gift i've ever gotten. 
like i've said a million times, i'm moving out in a few months and moving about 3 hours from home. 
so momma clegg got this ring made for me. 
the outside is engraved with the latitude & longitude coordinates to my house.
the inside is engraved with "we love you"

so when times get tough at college, or when im feeling alone or far from home, i can look at this ring
and remember that i have a home full of a family that loves me and supports me. 

best present ever. 

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Lexi Hill said...

I love that a lot! Such a cute idea (: