i've been doing a lot of shopping lately. unfortunately, it hasn't been for clothes. i've been shopping for things for college and my new apartment. which i must say, is still equally as amusing as shopping for clothes. its so much fun to purchase new things for my little kitchen i will have. owning a can opener and laundry detergent has never been so exciting.

things have gotten out of control though. i could hardly walk into my room anymore because things were everywhere. 
so i did what i do best, organize. 



i have 61 more days until i move out. 
i know who 5 of my roommates are. the other 2 don't have facebook and no one can get a hold of them. 
lucky for me, my actual roommate is one of the ones that no one can get a hold of. that means i get to meet my roommate on move in day... i can't tell you how excited i am. (sarcasm)

life is moving fast. 
i had a dream that i made out with jake owen last night & it was fantastic. 


Melissa said...

eek! best wishes with the anonymous roomie!

mardiiiii said...

you know who your roomates are?
lucky girl.
i have no idea still.

and...i am slightly scared for college. HAH!