lake day 3

my trip to lake tahoe came to an end as quickly as it began.
yesterday i spent 6 hours on a boat, went swimming at bliss state park and ate a steak the size of my face. it was a pretty good way to spend a day at lake tahoe. that lake may be one of my favorite places in the world, besides my mountains.
today i spent 10 hours in the car driving to my next california destination.
i am now going to be in oceanside for the next two weeks with my butt in the sand.

always looking my best ;) look at that sexy short tan line from my life guarding uniform. and those lines on my shoulders? yeah thats a sunburn from just a few hours on the lake.



i'm here in lake tahoe. its pretty fantastic.
i'm really homesick. i've been gone for one day.

i went kayaking, i also fed poprocks to chipmunks.



i'm leaving for the sunshine state early tomorrow morning.
i'll be in california for two weeks.
i'll be spending the next couple days at lake tahoe, so i don't think i'll be posting much.

the rest of the vacation will be spent shopping, swimming and hanging out at the beach.
maybe a trip to go see my favorite randy.

i've got mixed feelings about this vacation. mostly because i know that when i get back, i have 5 days left before i move. and that thought makes me cringe.

p.s. it is 11:30 at night, i am leaving at 4 in the morning and i haven't even thought about packing yet.
this is going to be a bitter-sweet vacation.


baby you a song

new favorite song right here.

summer theme song? i think so. 

i think i might have a crush on somebody. first time in a long, long time. but you know what blows? the fact that i move in about 3 weeks and im going to be gone for two weeks out of those three. any chances for a relationship just went out the window. poop.


camping trip number 2.

i went on a last minute camping trip tuesday night. it turned out to be pretty fantastic. we camped on the face of timpanogos mountain and the view was amazing. it was the most gorgeous place i've ever camped. i could bore you with lots of details but i'll let the pictures do the talking. but i will tell you, my abs are sore today from all the laughing i did last night.

there isn't really a way to describe how amazing it is to be sitting on a mountaintop, feeling that cool, refreshing mountain air while watching the sun rise above the trees. it is without a doubt the most wonderful feeling in the world. man, i am so lucky to live right by these mountains. 



i'm not much of a crier but i cried today.
the thought of saying goodbyes make me sick.
reality finally hit me today.
i don't want to move. i don't want to move at all.
i love these people and this place too much.

i know that i'll come back to this place, and i'll see these people again. but one thing is for sure, it will never be the same as it is right now. i really hate change. growing up is the dumps.

Reality by Kenny Chesney on Grooveshark



this weekend was so perfect.
camping friday & saturday.
boating all day sunday.
canyon cruise sunday night.
i spent the majority of the weekend with my best friend and a couple of great guys.

man, its days like these where i don't want to move to logan. i don't wanna leave these people. i don't want to leave my friends. i love this place too much.



me and angie are back from our camping trip. it was a good time to say the least. we played a lot of phase 10. we never went to sleep and ate a pound of bacon. we listened to country music for a full 24 hours and drank a lot of water and saw 16 rabits. we also laughed really hard and danced around the trailer like idiots.
i hate coming back to reality. 

i could never explain to you how in love i am with nature. 
i am so thankful for good friends, sunsets, mountains and gods great outdoors. 
i love utah so much. 



sorry i haven't been blogging normally. but then again, have i ever? life is busy lately. college is just around the corner and getting closer with every minute. today was a good day. my thoughts are all over the place though. 

me and angie went to walmart three times today. thats impressive. 

me and angie are going camping tomorrow. first camping trip of the summer, and probably the last. im pretty excited. were going to a rodeo and going swimming in a lake and doing lots of other fun camping things. 

i went out to lunch today with my ex boyfriends mother. i love that woman. 

next friday i am leaving for california. i will be there for two whole weeks. i can't wait any longer. i'll be staying a few days at lake tahoe and then staying the rest of the time in san diego. maybe i'll pay mister randy a visit? 

speaking of randy, he called me last night and we talked for an hour. i don't remember the last time i talked with a guy for that long on the phone. he has a jersey accent and it makes me smile. 

today was overall a good day and i don't work tomorrow which means its going to be a fantastic weekend. 

i've got a billion other things to do because i am going camping tomorrow... so i should probably go do that. 

here is a nice picture of angie grabbing my butt during one of our many trips to walmart. 
we figured out that if i stand on the cart, and she pushes my butt, we can drift around corners very nicely. 
until we knocked over the display of first aid kids. 

p.s. look at the color of my legs compared to angie's legs. she needs to get out more ;) 


oh brother

registering for college classes makes me want to cry. its not as easy as registering for high school or junior high. school starts in about one month and i'm not fully registered. i have a lot of classes that i am on waiting lists for. at the moment i am only taking 11 credit hours because i am waiting to get into the other classes i need. its not looking so hot right now. and for a person who is anal about everything, its a really big deal. also, my jaw dropped to the floor when i saw the amount i need to pay before school starts. 
college is going to be fun and all, but its times like these when i want to rip my hair out. 


take a little ride

if you are friends with me on facebook, or follow me on instagram then you already know that.....

my boy came out with a new single!

i've known for a long time that jason was going to be coming out with a single this summer as well as a new album before this year is over, but i never knew the exact date for this new single. i woke up this morning from a wonerful dream and rolled over to check my phone. i had one unread text message from zach that said, "i just heard the new jason aldean single!" my eyes shot wide open and i jumped out of bed half asleep. i ran to my computer and  instantly bought the new song. it was downloaded before zach could text me back. my adrenaline started to pump as i moved the mouse to the play button. i heard the first guitar chord and i got tears in my eyes. when i heard jasons voice sing the first note, i started to cry.
his music means so much to me. my love for jason aldean is indescribable.

p.s. i finally redid my blog because it was looking awful. i'm a lot happier with this.  


man in black

i bought a johnny cash t-shirt. 
best 25 bucks i ever spent. 

i had to search high and low for this piece of work. 
3 months and a package from germany later, its finally here. 

coons age

i went raccoon hunting tonight. it was quite the exciting experience. i think at one point, there were 9 of us sitting in the bed of the truck. two of the guys were in charge of the guns, i was in charge of the spot light. basically you just shine the spot light through the fields and when you see two shiny things you jump outta the truck and run after it with your gun. its really fun, im not lying. i was sitting on the very top of the truck holding the spot light. it was kind of sketchy sitting up that high while the truck was moving. anyway, it turned out to be a pretty unsuccessful night of hunting. the only successful thing about tonight was hanging out with 6 cowboys at one time. it was fantastic. we didn't end up getting any raccoon, but we did get two skunks. who knew that sitting in a truck bed with 9 other people driving through fields would be so much fun. 
oh hell-free, i really love country boys.

this picture is taken from my point of view, sitting on the very top of the truck. the light is shining from the spotlight i am holding. the darkness behind them is a lot of fields. basically sums up my whole night. 


flash back

my parents successfully raised a disney baby. i was less than a year old when i first entered into the happiest place on earth. i've loved disneyland for as long as i can remember. some of my earliest memories have to do with disneyland. its such a big part of my life. 
i was looking through some photo albums and found some pictures of me in my natural habitat. 

(from a few different trips)

in minnies house with my momma. sippy cup in tow. 

on the submarine ride before it changed into finding nemo ride. i was a year old. 

mickey did not impress me one bit. 

happy 3 year old on the teacups. 

in the swiss family treehouse before they changed it into tarzans treehouse. 

my brother scared out of his little mind and my mom laughing at him. 
splash mountain. 

can you spy me and momma on dumbo?

suddenly my obsession with disneyland makes sense.