sorry i haven't been blogging normally. but then again, have i ever? life is busy lately. college is just around the corner and getting closer with every minute. today was a good day. my thoughts are all over the place though. 

me and angie went to walmart three times today. thats impressive. 

me and angie are going camping tomorrow. first camping trip of the summer, and probably the last. im pretty excited. were going to a rodeo and going swimming in a lake and doing lots of other fun camping things. 

i went out to lunch today with my ex boyfriends mother. i love that woman. 

next friday i am leaving for california. i will be there for two whole weeks. i can't wait any longer. i'll be staying a few days at lake tahoe and then staying the rest of the time in san diego. maybe i'll pay mister randy a visit? 

speaking of randy, he called me last night and we talked for an hour. i don't remember the last time i talked with a guy for that long on the phone. he has a jersey accent and it makes me smile. 

today was overall a good day and i don't work tomorrow which means its going to be a fantastic weekend. 

i've got a billion other things to do because i am going camping tomorrow... so i should probably go do that. 

here is a nice picture of angie grabbing my butt during one of our many trips to walmart. 
we figured out that if i stand on the cart, and she pushes my butt, we can drift around corners very nicely. 
until we knocked over the display of first aid kids. 

p.s. look at the color of my legs compared to angie's legs. she needs to get out more ;) 

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kelci r said...

hahahaha me and my friends screw around in walmart too. and get in lots of trouble.. :)