coons age

i went raccoon hunting tonight. it was quite the exciting experience. i think at one point, there were 9 of us sitting in the bed of the truck. two of the guys were in charge of the guns, i was in charge of the spot light. basically you just shine the spot light through the fields and when you see two shiny things you jump outta the truck and run after it with your gun. its really fun, im not lying. i was sitting on the very top of the truck holding the spot light. it was kind of sketchy sitting up that high while the truck was moving. anyway, it turned out to be a pretty unsuccessful night of hunting. the only successful thing about tonight was hanging out with 6 cowboys at one time. it was fantastic. we didn't end up getting any raccoon, but we did get two skunks. who knew that sitting in a truck bed with 9 other people driving through fields would be so much fun. 
oh hell-free, i really love country boys.

this picture is taken from my point of view, sitting on the very top of the truck. the light is shining from the spotlight i am holding. the darkness behind them is a lot of fields. basically sums up my whole night. 

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