flash back

my parents successfully raised a disney baby. i was less than a year old when i first entered into the happiest place on earth. i've loved disneyland for as long as i can remember. some of my earliest memories have to do with disneyland. its such a big part of my life. 
i was looking through some photo albums and found some pictures of me in my natural habitat. 

(from a few different trips)

in minnies house with my momma. sippy cup in tow. 

on the submarine ride before it changed into finding nemo ride. i was a year old. 

mickey did not impress me one bit. 

happy 3 year old on the teacups. 

in the swiss family treehouse before they changed it into tarzans treehouse. 

my brother scared out of his little mind and my mom laughing at him. 
splash mountain. 

can you spy me and momma on dumbo?

suddenly my obsession with disneyland makes sense. 

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