milk duds

last night was the most perfect summer night. something that you only see in movies. 

mister cowboy and i had been hanging out for a good portion of the night. the sun finally set and it was dark outside. we had been inside most of the night watching a romantic movie, 21 jumpstreet. im totally kidding. but we really did watch 21 jumpstreet. it was hotter than hell's kitchen in that house so we went outside to get some air. that's when mister cowboy decided that he needed to go feed his horses at 11 at night. don't ask me what goes through that boys head, but we got in his truck and headed down to the farm. we fed the horses and he gave me a piggy back ride back to the truck so he could take me home. only, we didn't head home. the mister took me to another piece of his property. it was a lake front. he backed his truck all the way to the lake shore, almost so his tires were touching the water. he opened my door for me and i stepped out into the mud. he lead me into the truck bed and helped me climb up. he grabbed my hand and my waist and we started to dance. there wasn't any music playing, but that's okay. the sounds of the crickets and the waves crashing onto the beach were good enough for us. the full moon was out and reflected off the dark water. the sound of our boots clicking on the truck kept us on beat. mister cowboy goes dancing a lot, so he taught me some of his moves. we were full on country dancing on the bed of his truck. he twirled me around and even lifted me up in the air. we spun around and two stepped until it was almost 1 in the morning. he scrapped the mud off my boots and he took me home. 

successful night, i'd say. 

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