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if you are friends with me on facebook, or follow me on instagram then you already know that.....

my boy came out with a new single!

i've known for a long time that jason was going to be coming out with a single this summer as well as a new album before this year is over, but i never knew the exact date for this new single. i woke up this morning from a wonerful dream and rolled over to check my phone. i had one unread text message from zach that said, "i just heard the new jason aldean single!" my eyes shot wide open and i jumped out of bed half asleep. i ran to my computer and  instantly bought the new song. it was downloaded before zach could text me back. my adrenaline started to pump as i moved the mouse to the play button. i heard the first guitar chord and i got tears in my eyes. when i heard jasons voice sing the first note, i started to cry.
his music means so much to me. my love for jason aldean is indescribable.

p.s. i finally redid my blog because it was looking awful. i'm a lot happier with this.  

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