6 years.

i've been thinking about this post for a really, really long time. its hard for me to find the words to say, the most difficult post i've had to write. nothing i write seems good enough, or even begins to cover how i really feel, but here it goes.

i was freshly 12 years old and new to the 7th grade. i didn't know my way around the junior high or much about anything. my mom pressured me into playing an instrument, and just like that i found myself in the music store picking out a clarinet. little did i know, God was pressuring another 12 year old into playing the clarinet.

i was sitting in band class and the teacher made us split up to do something. i sat by myself. i was staring at the carpet when i saw a wadded up paper ball roll into my view. i opened it and read "whats up?" when i looked up i saw a blond headed girl waving me towards her. for a second i thought the note was meant for someone else, but she kept waving at me. i got up and walked across the room. i pulled up a chair and sat down next to her.

that was six years ago.

we have been together almost every day since then. angie is, without a doubt, my all-time best friend. it is such a blessing to be able to call someone a best friend. i don't take those words for granted. the words best friend have such a deeper meaning than just "friends." i have grown to understand what the meaning of best friend really is. it is such a privilege to call someone your best friend and to know that someone else calls you their best friend. it is powerful to know that someone needs you just as much as you need them.

i wish i could tell you all of the great times we've had together, but i can't get six years of memories into one post. our memories together are one of my greatest treasures and something i will always hold close to my heart. six years is a long time. we grew in so many ways. we grew to be the same person, to be able to finish each other's sentences. in all reality, she shaped me into the person i am today. without her, i would be nothing like i am now. i couldn't of chosen a better person to be like. i am so thankful that i have had an example like her in my life. someone so great that i could look up to. someone who i could learn from and want to be better because of her example. 

i'm not writing this so my followers know how much she means to me. im writing this so you, angela, know how much you mean to me. your friendship means so much that it brings me to tears. i know when i get older, i will look back on my teenage years and say that they were the best. i get to tell my children stories about my best friend, and all of the crazy things we did together. i know that my husband will hear all about you, and all of the hell we raised. no matter where life takes us, you were apart of my life at one point and that will always make me happy.

when i think of our friendship, i will always remember the times we spent with our country boys. i will remember the midnight drives around utah lake listening to country music. i will remember our sunday night drives up the canyon and the time we ran across the frozen lake. i will remember all the times you came and picked me up because i was in a bad mood. i will remember our countless costa vida runs, ice cream runs, campfires, camping trips and our endless laughter. i will remember the times with josh & jared, all of the rides we took in trucks. the time i almost peed my pants on the way to silver lake, or when i choked on a sunflower seed. i'll remember the time the water jet shot you in the face, the time we went streaking, and all of the times we hiked to the falls. i'll remember going on double dates, hanging out with your family, and all of our sleepovers. the time we tried to wake josh up through his back window, or the time we broke into jareds house. i'll never forget the concerts we went to, the time we went to disneyland by ourselves or our trip to spring city. i'll never forget moab or all the times we went sledding and ice blocking. ill always remember trick or treating with you and the fall spent with the barnetts. i'll remember summer of 7th grade, hanging out with justin & corbin. all of the times we walked on the canal and went to the baseball fields. all of the times we went four wheeling or digging. we have so many memories that i keep close to my heart and these don't even begin to cover it, not even close. 

these were the best years of my life. things are going to be different now. im moving away, and your going to school, but i want you to know that our friendship will never change. its true, things will never be the same, but this is only the beginning. we have our whole lives ahead of us to be friends and do crazy things.
yes, aspects of our lives will change, but our friendship will not. this is definitely not the end, i am sure.

thank you for everything angie. thank you for listening to me whine for the last 6 years. for being a shoulder to cry on and keeping all of my secrets. thank you for being my only support system when no one else was there. thank you for literally being my only friend when everyone else turned their back. your friendship means more to me than you will ever know. i'm so excited to see where it goes after this. me moving away is just the beginning, we still have our whole lives ahead of us to be best friends. i love you.

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