and just like that.

i went on a date yesterday. he picked me up and told me we were going for a drive through the mountains. oh, my favorite. i climbed up in his truck and we were off. it wasn't awkward and conversation came easy. he made me laugh. we were only a little ways into the canyon when he turned onto a dirt road. for the next 4 hours we drove on a rocky trail through the mountains. it was pure bliss. the windows were down, my hair was blowing around and country music was blasting. my bare feet hung out the window and we sang every word. the sun came down on my face and i was perfectly happy.

we carved our names in a tree, splashed around in a stream and he showed me a spectacular view. he pointed out all of his hunting spots, told me crazy stories and even let me drive his truck. he bought me dinner and we watched a movie. we hugged each other goodnight and that was the end of that. 

today we hung out again. our goodnight hug lasted longer than last nights.

good things come to girls who leave their numbers on strangers trucks.

college is great, life is good & i am happy. 

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