from room 301

i've been at college for one day. a full 24 hours away from home. at the moment it still feels like a dream, but i'm slowly adjusting to the changes. i've already learned a few things while i've been here.

1. don't trust everyone you meet. close your bedroom door when you leave.
2. first impressions are usually wrong.
3. be friendly! smile at everyone, and talk to people even when its awkward.
4. leave your comfort zone. do things that scare you.
5. time management is everything. i've been here for one day and i already realize how important it is. im having a tough time trying to balance everything, and school hasn't even started yet.
6. write stuff down.
7. if you don't ask, the answer is always no.
8. last but not least, always meet up with your blogging friends when possible.

the first real day of college was a wild success. except my feet are really sore from walking across campus 3 times. no more of that. 

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