help please.

alright, so the time has come. im leaving to college in exactly two weeks.
im moving out on my own for my very first time and starting my freshman year of college.

so this is where i need you. please give me all of your college advice!
anyone who has gone to college before, or lived on their own before, i want to hear from you.
what are the things you wish you knew the first time? what are some helpful hints?
so please, send me all of your college advice. i'd love to hear.

but really, you all better comment.

 pictures from the beach yesterday.


Robyn said...

I, Robyn Fitts, never have been on my own before, am giving you my advice anyways. (It's pretty simple anyways, so just, whatever)

Keep an open mind.

In anything and everything you do. Anyone person you meet, any opportunity that is handed to you, keep an open mind.

jessie said...

if you're anything like me, you will probably really dislike the first few months. it's a lot harder than anyone tells you it's going to be and you'll feel like college is not at all as great as every makes it out to be. but believe it or not, it actually gets a lot better, even though the beginning is NOT GOOD. at least that's how i felt, and by the time winter semester ended I didn't want to leave.
so i guess my advice is endure the first little bit, because that's the hardest part. and even though it's harder, college is exponentially better than high school.

kelci r said...

im scared too :(