nights like these make me miss home.
the fact that all of my roommates have a guy friend over, or they are out with guys and i'm just sitting here alone makes me mad. its not because i haven't tried. i've put myself out there, i've been uncomfortable and i've spent a lot of time out of my comfort zone. so far no guy has given me the time of day while all my roommates are out doing something with a guy they just met yesterday. why hasn't that happened to me?
don't get me wrong, i love college. but its hard.

tonight i want to be home. i want to be five minutes away from my best friend and only a text message away from a hug. i want to be back where i know i can ride in a truck whenever i want.

i'll be honest, i'm having a really hard time finding my place here. i really love college, but tonight is hard.

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kelci r said...

i know the feeling. do you have Skype? maybe we could chat while our friends are out... just an idea?