iceberg straight ahead

i'm going straight to hell in a hand basket.

i went to a titanic exhibit in downtown san diego. it was a really good, humbling exhibit. i enjoyed it.
we went to lunch at famous anthony's fish grotto. (well its famous around here anyway)
after that we decided to wander on over to the USS midway for some aircraft carrier fun. i was really hoping i would see some hot navy sailors. unfortunately i didn't see any. but i did see a lot of other cool things.

p.s. thank you to everyone who gave me college advice. if you feel like there is anything you must share, i'd love to hear. comment on the post below if you have any advice for me! 


Lexi Hill said...

I went to a Titanic exhibit when I was like 8 years old in Salt Lake. Wonder if it was the same one! Did they give you a passport that had the name of an actual member of Titanic, their age and what class they were in, as you entered. Then at the end you found out if your person survived or not?

Lexi Hill said...

oh and p.s
my grandpa was one of those 'hat navy sailors' haa back in world war II (:

Melia Clegg said...

yeah it was probably the same exhibit then. it was really good! and my grandpa was one of them too (: studs!

Lexi Hill said...

oh thats awesome! wonder if they knew echother (: