one week down

college is crazy. i have literally not had five free minutes that i could just sit down and blog. im coming to find out that time management is everything. so much has been going on this last week its hard to remember all of it. life has been moving non stop and i am exhausted. but let me tell you what happened this weekend.

i was walking with some friends around campus heading toward an apartment complex. as i was wandering through the parking lot, i laid eyes on the nicest truck i've seen up here at college. i just had to do something about it. my roommate handed me a piece of paper and i wrote on it, "hey, you have a really nice truck. if your single my number is, 888-888-8888." i stuck the paper under his windshield wiper. guess who got a phone call an hour later? this girl. i've been texting the kid with the sexy truck ever since. cross your fingers on this one.

and then i went to my first frat party. true story. im not going to lie, it was pretty crazy and i was totally out of my comfort zone but i secretly loved it.

saturday rolled around and i had officially been asked on my first date. the boy asked me to go to the demolition derby with him in idaho. i couldn't say no. he picked me up, and we had a 45 minute drive to idaho. the mister only took the back country roads to get to get there. i felt right at home. after being cooped up on campus for a week, it felt so amazing to be flying down the back roads through farm country with the windows down. i felt whole again. blasting country music and singing at the top of my lungs made me feel like the old me. that might have been the highlight of the date. over-all it was a great night.

that brings me to today. i start my real classes tomorrow morning and i am scared. me and my roommates get along wonderfully and i'm glad i get to live with them. they make me laugh, think, and push myself. i couldn't have asked for this transition to college life to go any smoother. life is good and im happy. first week on my own was a success.

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Robyn said...

i feel happy for you. so glad you had a great first week!