show me the scotsman

this weekend was homecoming here at utah state. i had the best time. 
i love being an aggie.


its kind of a big deal.

im a true aggie! 

for those of you who don't know what that means, during a full moon at midnight you have to kiss someone on top of the cement "A" and you become a true aggie. but in order to become a true aggie, you must kiss someone that is already a true aggie. 

EXCEPT for on homecoming night, two people who are not true aggies can kiss each other and they both become true aggies. 

so i am officially a true aggie. WOOHOO. its kind of a big deal around here. 


life is moving fast

im alive!
fall is in full swing here, and i am in love. my mountain obsession is out of control right now and the color of the leaves makes me tear up. oh how i love god's mountains. i've been spending  so much time up in the mountains lately, its crazy. i just can't get enough. one of the main reason's why i love this campus so much is because it is located at the base of a canyon. its amazingly beautiful.

so anyway, life has just been fantastic. have i mentioned that i love college? because wow, i really do. it is a lot of work, and a lot of studying but its just great. living on my own in a new town is the best. i never thought i'd be saying that, but it is what it is!

life lately has included a lot of homework, studying, hot chocolate, instagram, poker and hanging out.
there is so much that has been going on that i don't tell this blog... i should probably work on that.
oh and its almost october? where the flip did the time go?

sorry for the crap quality pictures. 



college is the best thing to ever happen to me.
besides the fact that i never get any sleep, life is fantastic.
staying up until 2 every night is taking its toll on me, but i wouldn't change it for anything.
i'm still trying to get used to my new life and adjust to things, but i love it here. i feel like i've really started to find myself. im starting to get an idea of the person i really want to be and the goals that i want to achieve. moving away from my home town was the greatest choice i ever made. 

some days i miss pleasant grove, but this is my home now and i couldn't be happier. logan has captured my heart. 

this new chapter in my life is so exciting and fulfilling. 
life is so good.


life lately.

i went to the zoo today. 
life is good & im happy. 
college is the greatest. 


feeling old.


my first ever late night study session. definitely something to blog about. 
it makes me feel so dang old. i never thought that i would be that typical college kid hanging out in the library until late hours of the night. but here i am, doing grown up things. 

i've got my hot chocolate, water, laptop, ipod, two text books and chase to keep me company. 

i took a quiz and nailed it with 100%. i guess this library thing really does work. 

taking in the college life one day at a time and enjoying every second, even when i'm studying in the library. 


i spy

it took a while, but i found myself.

the tip of the arrow is literally right on my head. to my left is jessica, who is pointing at something, and to my right is mister preston. click on the picture to enlarge. 

i love being apart of the hurd. 


winning team.

holy crap.
that's all i have to say.
after fifteen years, the utah state aggies won against the university of utah. i have never been more proud to be an aggie than last night. it was a huge rivalry game and the aggies came out on top during overtime. it was a historic moment and a game i'll never forget.

the student section only holds about 6500 students and every student on campus wanted to go to this huge rivalry game. once all the seats were full, they wouldn't let any more students in. people started to line up by the stadium early in the morning. me and my favorite miss jessica headed to the stadium around 2:45. we waited in line for a few hours before they opened the gates to let the students in. once the gates were opened, it was a mad dash to the bleachers. all the students took off into a wild run to get a good seat. we ended up by the 40 yard line on the fifteenth row or so... the energy in the stadium was insane. once the game started, there was no stopping us. this morning my voice is sore and almost gone because i was screaming so much. we were in the lead for most of the game until utah tied us in the 4th quarter. all hell broke loose and the fans were going absolutely nuts. the energy made the bleachers shake and then we went into over time. we won 27-20. with just a few seconds left in the game, all the students started to rush to the bottom of the bleachers. when we finally won, we went buck wild. all the aggies hopped the fences and ran down the stairs and we stormed the field. we were all screaming and yelling and crying as we sprinted to the middle of the field. it was one of the most amazing things i've ever experienced. thousands of utah state students standing on the field celebrating together and singing our chants. the cherry on top was when we all sang the scotsman in the middle of the field. talk about chills. 

hands down the best college experience i've had yet. oh, and i was on tv. i freaking love being an aggie. 

and here is a short video of us while we were storming the field. don't mind my finger. 


bumps in the road

i went to bear lake last weekend. my best friend angie picked me up and i got to spend the weekend with my 2nd family. it was so good to get off campus for a few days and just relax and be back in my comfort zone.

college is hard. it pushes me every day. this week has been the hardest one yet. the homework load has piled up and things just haven't been going smoothly. i called one of my greatest friends and cried to him on the phone for an hour. living on your own isn't always rainbows and unicorns.

it really hasn't been my week. but i'm still keeping my head up and im keeping an open mind. i've started going to the gym again, something that used to be a huge part of my life and i let it go. the gym has been keeping me sane and its been a great outlet for me.

so yes, college is freaking hard. but it is the most rewarding and mind blowing experience. i am loving it here, i really am. but its true, some days are harder than others and this week has really been the dumps. things will get better though, i've got a date tonight (:



i love my roommates. i don't know why i ever worried about it. these girls are amazing.
2 of my roommates are missing from the pictures.