bumps in the road

i went to bear lake last weekend. my best friend angie picked me up and i got to spend the weekend with my 2nd family. it was so good to get off campus for a few days and just relax and be back in my comfort zone.

college is hard. it pushes me every day. this week has been the hardest one yet. the homework load has piled up and things just haven't been going smoothly. i called one of my greatest friends and cried to him on the phone for an hour. living on your own isn't always rainbows and unicorns.

it really hasn't been my week. but i'm still keeping my head up and im keeping an open mind. i've started going to the gym again, something that used to be a huge part of my life and i let it go. the gym has been keeping me sane and its been a great outlet for me.

so yes, college is freaking hard. but it is the most rewarding and mind blowing experience. i am loving it here, i really am. but its true, some days are harder than others and this week has really been the dumps. things will get better though, i've got a date tonight (:

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