life is moving fast

im alive!
fall is in full swing here, and i am in love. my mountain obsession is out of control right now and the color of the leaves makes me tear up. oh how i love god's mountains. i've been spending  so much time up in the mountains lately, its crazy. i just can't get enough. one of the main reason's why i love this campus so much is because it is located at the base of a canyon. its amazingly beautiful.

so anyway, life has just been fantastic. have i mentioned that i love college? because wow, i really do. it is a lot of work, and a lot of studying but its just great. living on my own in a new town is the best. i never thought i'd be saying that, but it is what it is!

life lately has included a lot of homework, studying, hot chocolate, instagram, poker and hanging out.
there is so much that has been going on that i don't tell this blog... i should probably work on that.
oh and its almost october? where the flip did the time go?

sorry for the crap quality pictures. 

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