the most amazing thing

have you ever watched the sunrise from the top of a mountain?
it is one of the greatest feelings in the world. 
there is nothing more peaceful than being in god's high country sitting on the solid ground and breathing in the cool crisp air. i really wish i could bottle up the feeling and keep it with me forever. 
there is truly nothing like it. 

pictures from last week's deer hunt. 



sorry i've been MIA lately. i've been up to all sorts of things like:


 cleaning cows 

 moving mattresses for sleepovers  

 hunting with my best friend 

 trying to survive through this awful weather 

 hanging out with homeboy reef 

 playing in the snow 

 enjoying the last of the fall weather on campus 

 playing pong without the beer 

 cuddling with jessica 

going to scheels for the first time. (holy crap) 

as you can see, i've been real busy. but i love it. college is fantastic and midterms are over so life is good again. 


winter wonderland

well, i can kiss fall goodbye.
i woke up to snow this morning.
& it will most likely continue to snow the rest of the week.
its officially winter time here in logan.



i had thee best weekend. i went home for fall break and got to spend a few days with my favorite people on the planet. i don't know what it is, but something about going home makes me so thankful for the people in my life. living on my own in a new town has really made me appreciate what i have been blessed with. i seriously love life.

anyway this weekend consisted of:
red mango
deer hunting
duck dynasty
hunter orange
being third wheel
spending time with my ex boyfriends mother
going on a date
scary haunted houses
& holding hands.

fall break was fantastic. but im glad to be back in logan, i missed my college friends.

oh, and congrats to my best friend for dropping a deer on opening day. 2x3 buck. packing that sucker out was a SOB ;)


so good.

can i just tell you that i love my life?
its so good, i cant even begin to describe how much i am enjoying college.
it can be hard sometimes, but so worth it.

i'm thankful for jessica, who is my twin. who i can tell anything to because she understands.
i am thankful for judd, who keeps a smile plastered to my face.
i am thankful for munck, who always crashes in my living room. you're like my brother.
i am thankful for jenessa, who is so sweet to me. we spend too much time together ;)
i'm so grateful for chase, who changed me. the guy that makes me want to be better & try harder.
i'm thankful for erin, who pushes me to do my homework and tells me how it is.

the people in my life are so amazing. i am so blessed.

really though, how could i not love life when i have this silly guy to make me laugh?


life lately..

oh i have a blog? sometimes i forget.

my best friend came to visit me at college this week. we had a pretty great night. one of my friends from school took us off roading in his truck late on wednesday night. it took us about 3 hours to drive the whole trail and it ended up being pretty fun. we went star gazing in the mountains, which was absolutely breathtaking. we also got stalked by a mountain lion and hit a deer. it was a pretty wild night.

i came home for a short amount of time this weekend, but honestly i am so glad i did. i met up with a few of my favorite people who i haven't seen in months. it is such a great feeling to know that i still have friends at home even though i live hundreds of miles away from them. it brings me to tears thinking about how much i love my friends from utah county.

i've been having a hard time at college. i love it, i really do. but im having a hard time fitting in, and finding people who accept me for the whole me. i feel like i'm always putting on a fake side of me to impress people, or to make friends. i'm tired of pretending to be someone im not. i want someone to accept me for the nascar loving, country singing, boot wearing, sarcastic person that i am.

last night i went on a date with one of my old friends. i'm glad i met him. sometimes we go a long time with out talking, but every time were together its like nothing ever changed. it was so good to see him and catch up. i can't wipe the smile off my face when im with him. something about those country boys...

OH GOODNESS! if you know me at all, you know i am absolutely head over heels in love with jason aldean. you would know that he has been one of my favorite artists for years. anyway, my boy is coming out with a new album on tuesday. i've already listened to it a few times, and its spectacular. i cant wait to go buy the album at midnight and hold the CD in my hands.

life is good, i am blessed, and i am happy. i am taking the struggles and challenges day by day, but i wouldn't change it for the world.

it was good to see her face on campus this week. always missing my best friend! 


mister allan

on repeat for days.
this song is my life. 



sometimes you need to forget others and put yourself first.
i am a people person, and sometimes that gets me in trouble.
i let people walk on me, and use me because i am afraid to say no.
some times i just need to stick up for myself,
even if it means hurting the people i care about most.

i absolutely hate hurting people, but there comes a point where i need to do whats best for myself.
i tear myself apart trying to chose between making myself happy and making others happy.

sometimes i can't do it all.


visiting home

im going home! 

finally, after being here at college for two months, i am going home for the first time to visit my family and friends! i can not tell you how ecstatic i am to go home for a visit. the sweet place of pleasant grove has been calling my name for far too long. not seeing my family or friends in so long has really made me realize what a great support system i have back home. it made me realize how much those people mean to me. i have really missed them while ive been here. as great as living on my own is, there is really no place like home.
i am so excited to have a home cooked meal and see my best friend. i have missed her so much. i am so ready to see all my friends, and spend time with them like the old days. i am so ready to laugh my guts out and truly enjoy being with them. i am not going to take it for granted like i used to. being away from home for so long has given me a new appreciation for the life i had back in pleasant grove.

most of all, i am just ready to be myself. here at college i'm always trying to impress people and be on my best behavior. i've had to change myself and make adjustments due to living with 7 other girls. im really tired of  pretending to be something im not, i am more than ready to relax for a weekend and just be my true self. it will be nice to spend some time with the people who just accept me for me, along with all of my faults.

i can not wait to get back into utah county.