so good.

can i just tell you that i love my life?
its so good, i cant even begin to describe how much i am enjoying college.
it can be hard sometimes, but so worth it.

i'm thankful for jessica, who is my twin. who i can tell anything to because she understands.
i am thankful for judd, who keeps a smile plastered to my face.
i am thankful for munck, who always crashes in my living room. you're like my brother.
i am thankful for jenessa, who is so sweet to me. we spend too much time together ;)
i'm so grateful for chase, who changed me. the guy that makes me want to be better & try harder.
i'm thankful for erin, who pushes me to do my homework and tells me how it is.

the people in my life are so amazing. i am so blessed.

really though, how could i not love life when i have this silly guy to make me laugh?

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