visiting home

im going home! 

finally, after being here at college for two months, i am going home for the first time to visit my family and friends! i can not tell you how ecstatic i am to go home for a visit. the sweet place of pleasant grove has been calling my name for far too long. not seeing my family or friends in so long has really made me realize what a great support system i have back home. it made me realize how much those people mean to me. i have really missed them while ive been here. as great as living on my own is, there is really no place like home.
i am so excited to have a home cooked meal and see my best friend. i have missed her so much. i am so ready to see all my friends, and spend time with them like the old days. i am so ready to laugh my guts out and truly enjoy being with them. i am not going to take it for granted like i used to. being away from home for so long has given me a new appreciation for the life i had back in pleasant grove.

most of all, i am just ready to be myself. here at college i'm always trying to impress people and be on my best behavior. i've had to change myself and make adjustments due to living with 7 other girls. im really tired of  pretending to be something im not, i am more than ready to relax for a weekend and just be my true self. it will be nice to spend some time with the people who just accept me for me, along with all of my faults.

i can not wait to get back into utah county.

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