blood sweat & beers.

last saturday i was lucky enough to go to the eric church concert with my best friend.
let me just tell you, it was an awesome show. i had the time of my life. 
i know i say that about every concert i go to, but really, this one may have been the best. 
country music is a huge part of my life, and every time i go to a country concert, i am reminded of why i support this music. every time i go to a country concert, i feel right at home. 

i wish i could re-live that night.

but by far, the best moment of the night was when eric sang a song called these boots. everyone in the crowd started taking off their cowboy boots and holding them in the air. me and angie took one of our boots off and held them up while he sang the song. right as i took my boot off, i looked up to see eric church holding his own boot. it sounds cheesy, but it brought tears to my eyes. the feeling was over-whelming to be standing in a room full of people who believe and love the same things i do. it made me think of all my friends back home who wear boots. they are the reason i was at that concert wearing my boots. damn, these boots. 

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Lexi Hill said...

country music concerts are the beeeest! no haters are their to give you crap for likin country music! so you can just go craaaazy! even though, its way fun to go crazy when the haters are around. haha. love ya girl! (: