i spent thanksgiving (i am so sick of hearing about thanksgiving) in southern utah, like i always do. me and momma were left with an afternoon to ourselves, so we went and hiked around in zion's national park. out of all the parks i've been to, zion is definitely not my favorite. but its still super pretty, and i love the outdoors so i couldn't pass it up.

my favorite part of the afternoon was passing fellow hikers on the trails and they would shout something like "go aggies!" or "what a great football team!" because i was wearing one of my utah state shirts. it made me so proud to be an aggie. i just really freaking love utah state.

p.s. i can't upload any more photos to my blog because it says my picassa web albums are full. i have no idea how to fix it and its really making me mad. anyone else having this problem, or know how to fix it?

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Kelsey said...

it did that to me too!
so chapped right now.
and i think the only way to fix it, is to buy more space.
which is stupid.