so happy.

well, my best friend is engaged! i am so freaking happy for her and her fiance jared.
i set jared and angie up three years ago (that's another story), and now look, they are getting married!
angie has been my best friend for almost six years and jared has become a brother to me over the past three years. jared is such a great guy and honestly, i am so happy angie is marrying him. she is going to be in the best hands and i know jared will take care of her and treat her like a princess. its super weird that my best friend is engaged, but its awesome.

jared told me the engagement plans about a month ago. we have been secretly planning this shindig ever since. it has been SO hard trying to keep it a secret from angie, and my blog. i've wanted to write about it for the longest time, but i've had to keep quiet about it.

today at seven AM we started on the four hour drive down to moab, utah where angie and jared first met - kind of. we pulled into arches national park and found an arch we wanted to hike to. we hiked to the arch, jared asked me to take a picture, and while i was taking a picture jared got down on one knee. i started to cry like a litle baby, and angie didn't even cry at all. i just couldn't help myself. i love angie and jared so much they are like family to me. anyway, the rest is history and i am so giddy with excitement for two of my greatest friends.

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Lexi Hill said...

love this! so sweet. so happy for your girl! (: