i'm always really busy, and when im not i really don't have anything to special to blog about.
my days consist of class, studying, homework and the gym.
but college is so good and i love it here. 
every day i love this place more and more. 
logan feels like home to me now. 
here is a picture of me and chase petting a wolf. 


Lexi Hill said...

I'm about 92% positive I will be a future class mate! I applied the other day and just sent my transcript so if all goes well, I'll be an aggie with you! So excited (:

Melia Clegg said...

YAY! that makes me happy. you will love utah state so much. it is such a beautiful place and an amazing school. if you need ANYTHING, let me know! i can give you tour, show you around campus and give you the lowdown on just about anything! for real though, if you have any questions about utah state send them my way. i am so excited for you!