you live and learn

i am so grateful for this guy. he is my ex boyfriend. i guess i wasn't all that honest with my blog & my readers, but i was dating a guy i met up here at school for a while. i met him in my english class, and things took off from there. we had our go around, but due to my problems and insecurities, i ended the relationship. 
chase isn't the type i usually date. all my friends asked what i was doing, because they knew he didn't fit my normal criteria, but something about chase drew me to him. i usually date the rough and rugged cowboys and hunters, but chase was exactly opposite of that. 

chase taught me so much in the short time we were together. his example was so powerful to me. he has such a positive outlook on life and has such big goals. chase pushed me so hard to grow and become something bigger than myself. his example rubbed off on me and i feel like i am a better person from dating him. things may not have worked out between us, but this kid changed my life. he will accomplish great things, and i will be so happy for him. his drive makes me want to try harder, and i will. my life has been different since meeting him. he helped me discover who i am truly meant to be. 

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