fall semester.

i can't believe i made it through my first semester of college. i remember how scared i was before i started school, and looking back now, it was stupid. these have turned out to be the best months of my life.
i have now been living on my own for almost five months and its been the greatest experience ever, and i wouldn't trade it for the world. becoming an aggie has been the best thing to ever happen to me.

since moving to logan i have:
started a twitter
grew closer to my roommates
met a lot of amazing people
cleaned the sink at angie's
left my number on a strangers truck
went ice blocking down old main hill
became a true aggie
went mudding up logan canyon
kissed a few boys
had a boyfriend
made some lifelong friends
went to a ton of aggie football games
went fishing
met jessica through blogging
attended aggie basketball games
donated blood
went to a hockey game
attended a concert
went on a few midnight betos runs

and so, so much more. i am so glad i chose to came to utah state. i'm looking forward to finishing my freshman year, and more years to come here at utah state.

p.s. wish i could post pictures, but this blog is dumb. i'm thinking about starting a new one.

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