its finally here.

when my brother left on his mission two years ago, the relationship i had with my parents was non-existent. we didn't get along, and frankly i didn't care enough to change it. palmer is my only sibling, and when he left, the reality of being stuck alone with my mom and dad terrified me. i knew that all of their time and energy would be spent on me, which was really the last thing on earth i wanted.

two years came and went, and everything has changed. but most importantly, the relationship i have with my parents now is more solid than a rock. over the two years we have worked out our differences, talked through our arguments, and spent lots of time together. i guess that's what happens when i'm the only child. if it wasn't for my brother leaving, i don't think i ever would have repaired the issues between me and my parents. looking back now, these past two years with my mom and dad are my most favorite two years of my life. i have grown to love my parents more than any other person on this earth. i have come to value the importance of a relationship with my family members. i have grown close enough to my mom to call her my best friend. i have spent so much time with my dad that i now consider myself a daddy's girl. i have learned that there is truly nothing more important on this earth than family. i have also learned that a lot can change in two years. especially relationships. now that two years have flown by, i'm actually kind of sad that it wont be just the three of us anymore. spending these last couple of years with my parents have been the best. i used to take my parents for granted, but thanks for my brother, i realize what a blessing they really are.

and p.s. i cant wait to go pick up my brother from the airport in a week and a half. he has a hardcore spanish accent and its hilarious. but really, i just cant wait to give him a hug.

picture taken the day we took my brother to the MTC. january 2010. 

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