i feel like i am lucky to be alive. i witnessed one of the biggest car accidents i have ever seen. it included 3 cars, two of which were huge lifted chevy silverado trucks. i literally almost peed my pants. i honestly have never been so scared in my life. i am so lucky to be here right now. i came so close to being smashed by a giant truck. 

i was at an intersection in the left turning lane. i was pulled out into the middle of the intersection because the light was green. the red car, was also turning left in the opposite direction. the red car was also pulled out into the intersection. seemingly fine. then i noticed the purple truck who was drifting into the turning lane. the guy driving the truck must have been texting and started to drift. anyway, i thought the purple truck was coming straight for me until the last second, when the purple truck hit the back of the red car. & this is where i crapped myself. tons of debris came flying towards my car. this includes glass, bumpers, two tires and who knows what else. everything seemed to happen in slow motion. from the force of the purple truck hitting into the red car, they started to slide right towards my car. AT THE LAST SECOND, let me repeat, LAST SECOND, the truck and red car for some reason turned away from my car. i don't know what made the cars turn, but they did. unfortunately, when the two cars slid across the intersection, they ran into another truck who was driving through the intersection at the wrong time. the purple truck & red car slid into the green truck that was passing by.
p.s. those aren't really the colors of the cars or trucks. i just made them that color so it was easy to keep track of. the two trucks were actually the same gold color so it got confusing. 

i sat there for a few seconds and tried to process what had just happened. i couldn't believe what had just took place right in front of me. it all happened in slow motion and i was bracing myself for one of the vehicles to hit me, because you know, i was right in the middle of the damn thing. it amazes me that i didn't get hit. the thing that scares me most is that if the purple truck would have gone straight into my car, i would have gone underneath his truck. i was in a little car and he was in a huge lifted truck. i would have been under the truck. thankfully the two vehicles turned at the last moment. 

the strange thing is, when i pulled out into the intersection to make my turn before any of this happened, i got this strong feeling that basically said "don't pull out any further." so i stayed put. i am confident that if i pulled out further, i would have been hit and probably seriously hurt. i am pretty blessed. 

its summer

my plans for summer are:

work my little lifeguarding butt off
kiss a few cute boys
go to strawberry days rodeo every night 
spend lots of time around a campfire
go camping with my friends
attend a few country concerts
visit my best friend randy in california
cuddle with a cute cowboy or two (i've got one in mind) 
hang out with all the hot cowboys that i can
wear shorts every single day
consume too much costa vida and ice cream
spend 2 weeks in california
get a nice tan
celebrate my 18th birthday
watch fireworks
spend as much time as possible with my friends
stay single the entire summer 
go four wheeling at least once
night fishing like no tomorrow 

its going to be one helluva summer. 


class of 2012

im writing this post on my brand spankin new laptop. 
thats right, i graduated from high school.
as a gift, my parents bought me a laptop. i'm in love. 

graduation was unreal to me. i still can't believe that i graduated. it feels like just yesterday i was in elementary school. i honestly don't feel old enough to graduate. i don't think reality has hit me yet. i don't feel any different than i did yesterday. i am so thankful to all the family that was able to come from all over to make me feel special. heres to the first day of the rest of my life!

heres a lot of pictures.




blogging is the last thing on my mind right now. there is so much going on. like i said, ive been pretty busy lately. my house is full of guests right now. my extended family has been slowly trickling to my house for a visit. everyone is coming into town for my graduation. the house is full, and loud. the only place i can find quiet is on the floor of my brothers old room. 

saturday afternoon i went to the airport to pick up some family. once we picked them up, we headed straight over to the new city creek center in salt lake. wow, is all i have to say. it was so pretty! we shopped for almost seven hours, with a lunch break at the cheesecake factory. i'd love to go back again! 

today, i spent six hours driving all around utah to put flowers on my relatives graves. SIX HOURS. i drove through so many little towns. there is something about small towns that i love so much. i want to live in a small town  one day. after six hours of driving we had worked up a pretty big appetite, so we went to eat at cracker barrel. i love that restaurant. 

i look awful, but look at this cute graduation present i got. 
my whole family is just as obsessed with disneyland as i am, im tellin ya. 



i am busy. 
within the next week my life is going to change a lot. im graduating on tuesday. its kind of a big deal. 
on june 4th, i turn 18. 
in august, i move to a whole new town. 
there are a lot of big changes coming up in a short amount of time. its really overwhelming. i'd be lying if i said that college wasn't on my mind all the time. because it is. thoughts about college, school, and this new phase of life are circling through my mind constantly. it stresses me out.
i can't believe im graduating. i can't really find the words to describe the way i feel. i guess reality hasn't really hit me yet. 
im scared, im excited, im nervous, im happy. 
i think im ready for change though. i've just about worn this ol' town out. i'm ready for some new faces and new adventures. i've out grown this town and i feel like there is nothing left here for me. 
i feel like im beating a dead horse sometimes. 
i am ready to move. 


it was all yellow

im a country music junkie, through & through. but one non-country band i will always love is coldplay. i grew up listening to coldplay. ever since i can remember, my daddy has always played coldplay. i remember all the way back to the first album, parachutes. every single road trip we ever went on my dad would play coldplay. every.single.time. to this day, he still plays coldplay on every road trip we go on. i have every song, note and melody ingrained into my brain. my favorite memory of my daddy has to do with coldplay. one late night, we were driving down to st. george, just the two of us. we were in the middle of nowhere, the only car on the long road. i had my face pressed against the window looking at all the amazing stars. without any city lights interfering, everything is a lot more visible. my dad was of course listening to coldplay, when the song yellow came on. my dad opened up the sun roof, and i laid my chair all the way back. i looked out the sun roof and gazed at the millions of stars while yellow was playing through the speakers. it was so long ago, but i still remember the feeling i had. me and dad declared the song yellow as our song. i am going to dance with him to the acoustic version at my wedding some day. 
this song makes me so happy and always reminds me of how awesome my daddy is. 

Yellow by Coldplay on Grooveshark
Yellow (Acoustic) by Coldplay on Grooveshark



that is some real nasty crap. 
here is my advice, don't ride motorcycles. 
good thing that stuff like this fascinates me. 
for a while there i thought i had a staff infection. avoided that one like a champ. 

so im feeling pretty thankful right now. 
i have one older brother, who is currently living in south america. i graduate in one week and unfortunately my big  brother won't be at my graduation. he is my only sibling and its going to be kind of sad not having him here. on another note, i have a super small extended family. i have 8 cousins total and only a handful of aunts and uncles. none of my extended family lives near me. they all live in either st. george, nevada or california. i am feeling thankful because all of my extended family is sacrificing their time and money to travel up here so they can come to my graduation. it makes me feel pretty dang special. 

+ my aunt and two younger cousins on my moms side are FLYING here from california just so they can be here for my graduation. they will be missing the last few days of their school, so they can support me. plus, that is a lot of money for only a 2 day trip to utah. 
+ my grandma is driving 14 hours from california to be here for my graduation and 18th birthday. not only is that a long drive, she is old and im sure driving 14 hours is the last thing she wants to do.
+ my grandma & grandpa are driving up from st. george. a four hour drive. now keep in mind my grandparents are in their 90's and their health isn't that great. another sacrifice they are making for me. not to mention they just sent me a check for $1,000. don't worry i pretty much cried when i opened it. 
+ my uncle is taking off work from his pharmacy and driving up here with his wife. not only is he losing money by not working, he is paying for a hotel.
+ my cousin is taking off work and school at the U to come to my graduation.
+ my cousin and her 2 kids are coming out from eagle mountain to come to my graduation. her kids will be missing school to come. 

i am so blessed. even though my brother wont be there, all my extended family stepped in. i am so thankful for all the sacrifices they are making of time, money & work. i must say, i've got a pretty amazing family. i am so thankful for their support and love. 


puppies & fires

last night i hung out with my two favorite guys on the earth. kolton & zach. nobody makes me happier than those two, and im glad i can call them my friends. we went up the canyon and had a fire. it was wonderful. we sat around the fire and ate s'mores, while kolton told all of his scary ghost stories. being the smart kids we are, we didn't bring anything to put out the fire. we did our best to put it out and went for a drive through the canyon. on our way back down, we passed our campsite. of course, the firepit we were using had a roaring fire going in it. we obviously didn't do a very good job of putting it out. we scooped up handfuls of dirt and threw it over the fire. we made sure the fire was out and we left. i woke up this morning and looked out my window to make sure the forest hadn't caught on fire. 
we stopped at koltons house last night to pick up some wood and camp chairs. we walked inside and mister kolton forgot to mention to me that his dog had puppies. PUPPIES. there was about five puppies laying on the ground curled up in little balls of fur. my heart melted right then and there. i picked one up and i literally thought i was going to cry from the cuteness. i could have stayed there all night and held the puppies. they were so adorable. 

overall, it was a great night.



life has been so crazy lately. i feel like im going non stop. i haven't had a quiet moment to myself all week. 
last night felt like the real first night of summer. jumping on the tramp, going for motorcycle rides, completed by sitting on the driveway talking until late hours of the night. that is what summer is all about. i love just sitting and talking with friends while listening to the crickets. so relaxing. last night shannon & abram were trying to teach me how to heel click for a good 20 minutes. for 18 years i have never been able to heel click, and last night proved unsuccessful. the only thing i got from last night was a huge painful burn. watch out for those motorcycles, they'll get ya when you least expect it.
that abram is too much to handle. he took me for a ride on his motorcycle around the block and i acquired a real nasty burn. when it was time to go home, abram gave me a ride home on his motorcycle all the way from american fork. riding down state street on a bike is exciting. don't worry kiddos, he gave me his helmet to wear.  

sometimes i think i party a little too hard. 


i bandaged myself up like a good nurse should.
this was around midnight so the bandaging job looks pretty awful.

typical night with these two. 



i went shooting with the guy i met on saturday night. its the same guy that also made me ride a donkey.
his name is abram, if you must know.  nic & jayce joined in on the fun too.

abram - okay you got this cleopatra
me - cleopatra?
abram - oh i meant annie oakley

i laughed so hard. it was probably the highlight of my night. 


riding donkeys

it's story time. 

i met this guy on saturday night and we exchanged numbers and i didn't think much about it. he seemed like a pretty cool guy and i was looking for some new people to hang out with. perfect! me and this kid have been texting since saturday night non stop. 

last night he wanted to hang out with me, and i agreed. when he picked me up, he actually came to my door instead of honking. score. we went night fishing down at utah lake. i went with him and the twins. even though we didn't catch crap, it was still so much fun. this kid had me laughing the entire time. i felt so at home, singing to all the country music. i even climbed into the truck through his side. oh maybe i forgot to mention this kid is a total hick? boots, buckle & all. so anyway, we got sick of fishing real quick because we weren't catching anything. the guy i was with had this bright idea to go to his property. i agreed, not knowing what i was getting myself into. apparently there was a donkey at his property that everyone loved to ride. the boys told me i had to ride it, and i was up for the challenge. i climbed over the gate, and tucked my jeans into my boots. i meant business. there was a minature donkey just hanging out in the corner. the boys told me what to do, and we cornered the donkey so i could hop on. i swung a leg over real quick and grabbed on for dear life. the second i got on, the donkey started running. it was the funniest thing i have ever done.
 riding bare back donkeys is something i'll always remember.
 i wish i could have gotten pictures! 

i'll be hanging out with this guy more often. 


fires and stuff

first & foremost, happy  mothers day to momma clegg. 
i don't know why i got blessed with such an amazing mom, but i am thankful. 
the big man upstairs knew that i needed a mom with lots of patience & determination.
my momma is my biggest hero & i love her. 

last night was an interesting one. i hung out with the twins again and some other people. we couldn't decide what to do, so we bought some stuff for s'mores and had started a fire in the twin's backyard. jayce, being the genius individual that he is, poured gasoline into the fire pit so the fire would light easier. it turns out mister jayce poured a lot more gasoline on the fire than he thought. when jayce lit the fire, the biggest explosion i have ever seen took place. it was almost catastrophic. the explosion was so big, that the flames reached the nearby gas can. the gas can lit on fire and that's when i saw my life flash before my eyes. you see, we were having a fire on a backyard patio. the patio was enclosed by a fence. we were on a small piece of concrete with no where to run because the fence was blocking us all in. so there i was, crammed in the furthest corner, watching everything move in slow motion. i saw the fire explode, and i have never moved so quick in my entire life. from that point, i saw the gas can light on fire and i literally saw my friend covered in flames. its scary watching your friend on fire. i stood there in the corner thinking my life was over. the gas can was on fire and it was only seconds until that thing exploded.. nic, being the brave hero he is, jumped as fast as he could and put out the flames on the gas can before they could reach the actual fuel. now im sure the sequence of events only lasted about 10 seconds, but it felt like forever. we ran inside after to inventory the damage on jayce. all i can say is it stunk. the smell of burning hair is not very pleasant. jayce singed all the hair off his arms, legs & most of his face. we were so lucky that it wasn't worse than it actually was. we all could have been in the hospital right now and been seriously hurt. thankfully hair grows back & no one was seriously burned. but wow, that was a night to remember. 
oh & also got a guy's number. its whatever. 
i'll tell ya, sometimes my life is too much to handle. 

on a happier thought, i had a lot of great conversations this weekend with some of my favorite people. late night texting is probably my favorite thing ever, because that's when people are most honest. i really enjoyed talking to some of my good friends until 2 in the morning. 
speaking of talking to people, im off to call my brother in bolivia. 



on friday night i actually went out with friends, SHOCKING, i know. it was the first time in i had been out on a friday night in a long, long time. me and shannon were going to hang out with our good friends jayce & nic. they are identical twins. when i found out we were going to be hanging out with the twins i said to shannon, "i don't want to do anything illegal tonight." its always trouble with those two boys. we went to dinner first, and then nic had this brilliant idea to go crawl around in these tunnels underneath an elementary school. i about needed a new pair of underwear because it was so scary down there. nic & jayce thought it was super funny to turn the flashlights off while we were down there. i didn't think it was funny. i was glad to get out of there. after creeping around in the tunnels, we went and visited the famous "doxey's chair" in alpine. supposedly its haunted but i don't buy that crap. we drove around a little while longer laughing our heads off and finally found our way towards squaw peak. but not before jayce spit his sprite all over nic's new leather seats. and i mean spit, not spilled. he was in the middle of taking a sip when someone made him laugh super hard and sprite went all over nic's new car. 

it was a good night. 

sometimes these twins are too much to handle. 

nope, thats not rain. thats sprite all over the window.
& jayce in the back ground getting paper towels to clean up his mess.

squaw peak. 


bits of happiness

things that make me happy this week:

+ receiving a silver tassel to wear during graduation. 3.76 accumulative GPA baby! 
+ eating my first pb&j sandwich in years
+ crisp apples. not those gross red mushy ones. 
+ talking for two solid hours about disneyland
+ working outside with my mom
+long talks with john (randy's brother)
+ playing phase 10
+ skipping first period
+ the fact that i just bought this baby for $4.00 off amazon. 

why yes, that is a lightning mcqueen lanyard.
cars is my favorite movie. 

+ i graduate in a few weeks
+ i get to talk to my brother on sunday (big deal around here)
+ im all done with chemistry core testing (HALLELUJAH)
+ i bought towels for my apartment
+ my birthday is in a few short weeks
+ all my family is coming to visit for my graduation, which is a big deal.

this sound clip made me the happiest out of everything though. 
true story, i cried while listening to it and got crazy chills. 
any disney fans out there would understand.
this brings me pure joy. i wish you all understood how much i love disneyland. 

Soarin' (Soarin' Over California) by Soarin' Over California on Grooveshark

if you have ever been on soarin' over california, you gotta listen to this. 

oh, life is good. 



happy hump day. 
its time for.... (drum roll)

i'll start with a funny picture. 
this is me playing tennis. 

1. You just invented the next big thing! What is it called and what does it do?
i don't know. im not very creative. i have the imagination of a rock. 

2. Are you a lover or a fighter?
both. depends on who or what it is. 

if i like you, im a lover.
if i don't like you, im a fighter. 

3. It's almost mothers day- if you could tell your mom anything, what would it be?
im sorry for the four years i waisted. im sorry for holding that grudge. i waisted four years that we could have had together and i can never get them back. 

4. Do you like your hair curly, wavy, or straight?
i love it curly but unfortunately my hair doesn't stay in curls for very long, so its usually straight. i get bored of it really quickly, but oh well. 

5. If it was your last day to live, what would you do?
i'd go to disneyland in a heart beat. not kidding. i just spent two hours sitting on the back porch talking about disneyland. for two hours. i love nothing more than disneyland. 

6. What color are your eyes? Do you like the color?
they are blue. and i love them. usually people with brown hair have brown eyes, but i got blue. and i love them. even though sometimes i wish i could have green or something. 

7. Fish, beef, poultry, wild game, or tofu?
i love meat. but uh, fish tastes the the dump so i'd choose beef. i eat a lot of steak around here. i honestly hate sea food so much. 

i am starting a disneyland fund. i need $226 by june 2nd. 
help a blogger out. 



y'all get your tissues ready. 

that is love right there. 


music mondays

just kidding. i am not going to start doing a music monday but i couldn't think of a better post title. there has been this one song that has been stuck in my head for like two weeks now. it brings tears to my eyes every time. i'll marry the first man that sings this to me. 

She's Got This Thing About Her by Chris Young on Grooveshark


phase 10

what a weekend. i went to youth conference. i'll be completely honest, it was the last place on earth i wanted to be. i tried every trick in the book to get out of going. it turns out im really glad i went. 

i was surrounded with my favorite people and the most beautiful view. i got to spend two days with my second dad, whom i learn so much from every time im around him. i played phase 10 until two in the morning with a bunch of adults that were up way past their bedtime. i went on a four mile hike and loved every step of it. i had one of the most inspiring and deepest conversations i have ever had in my entire life. 
i truly found happiness for two days. 

oh. stay away from those crystal light energy packets. i drank one and almost had a seizure. the amount of caffeine in that packet was earth shattering. now remember that i haven't drank caffeine in almost a year and then this morning i drank 100mg of caffeine. i thought my heart was going to explode. 

here, enjoy some high quality photos i took from my phone. 

this was the view from my room. incredible. 

p.s. if you haven't played phase 10, your really missing out.