surviving 101

where i live, the average temperature lately has been around 10 degrees. when it gets around 5 degrees here we all get really excited because that's warm to us. usually when i walk to class in the morning, its about -10. a few days ago it was -18 and i couldn't even believe it. i live in a frozen tundra. so as you could imagine, walking to class at 8 in the morning is pretty miserable. here's my tips to surviving a frozen winter while attending college.

+ obviously, stay inside. don't leave unless you absolutely have to. and don't worry, your not missing out on anything because everyone else is inside too.

+ wear layers. long sleeves, cardigan, coat, scarf. and if it's cold enough, wear leggings underneath your jeans. the problem is though, it's fine when your walking outside, but once you get inside and sit down in the classroom, you sweat bullets. so wear layers that you can take off easily while in class. 

+ forget about texting. don't even try to look at your phone while your walking to class. your fingers will be frozen within seconds and you won't be able to text anyway so just forget about it. unless you are wearing gloves with the touchscreen finger tips in them. those are pretty awesome. 

+ walk with your head down and your hood on. your hood will act as a shield from the wind. if you try to walk with your head up, the wind will blow right into your face and dry your little eyeballs right out of your face. and this way, you can watch for ice which is all over the place.

+ carry some hot chocolate with you while your walking. not only will it keep your hands warm, it will make you warm. but drink it quick, because it will cool down fast due to the arctic winds. 

+ and the best tip for last, if its too cold outside, just don't go to class.  

good luck out there!

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