welcome home.

if you follow me on instagram, twitter or facebook you would know that my big brother came home from his mission on saturday. i had been anticipating that day for two years. since the day he left, i always imagined the day that he would return. two years went by, and finally the day came. i did a pretty great job of not crying, until i saw my brother for the first time standing at the top of the escalator. and then i lost it. me and my mom ran over to him and we both were completely sobbing on his shoulder. i'm sure he didn't love that, but i couldnt help it. it was a really great weekend and i'm so glad to have my brother back. it still doesn't feel like its real.


Kelsey said...

i love this. missionaries coming home, is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

carlee ellen said...

oh my gosh. i am SO jealous!!! 20 months for us....20 more months. i can do it...i think.

Megs said...

this made me tear up.
when my brother came home i lost it as well.
so happy for you :)