10 things

1. i really dislike tv shows that have fake laughing in the back ground. like a lot. friends? nope, never watched it nor plan on watching it. something about fake laughter makes me really uncomfortable. 

2. i'm an introvert, but that doesn't mean i hate people. i love being around people. but i find my energy from being by myself rather than in a large crowd. i may be introverted, but i actually hate being alone. 

3. cleaning is my therapy. when i'm upset or mad, the first thing i'll do is clean. i also enjoy cleaning for fun and that's usually what i'll be doing if i'm bored. a clean space gives me so much satisfaction. 

4. the future scares me. i have no idea what i want to major in or what career path i want to head down, which is terrifying. its really hard to be in college and not know what your doing. it adds a lot of unnecessary stress. 

5. i have a thing for cute packaging. like, if i'm in the grocery store and i see an item with awesome packaging or a cute design, chances are i'll buy it. 

6. you'll never see me without nail polish on my fingernails. each color usually lasts about two days before i get sick and tired of looking at it of it and put on a new color. you should see my collection. 

7. i get really emotional about the things i'm passionate about. like if i'm driving through the mountains, chances are i'll get teary eyed at some point. i also cry over other things that make me super happy like jason aldean and disneyland. 

8. i'm really hard headed with a rebellious side. growing up, it's only gotten me in trouble and as much as i try to change it, i think i'm going to be like this forever. 

9. i just really love glitter. and lace. and pink. but don't let that fool you, i'll get down and dirty in the mud any day. i'd much rather play in the dirt than go shopping. 

10. my tumblr is my baby and my guilty pleasure. i run a themed nature blog that has quite a few followers. that's probably why i don't blog here much. my tumblr gets the attention. sorry, i still love you guys. xoxo. 


Megs said...

1. I despise audience laughter. It makes everything not funny.
8. I feel you with the whole rebellion thing. I'm the same way in that sense.
10. What is your tumblr url? I want to find this awesome blog of yours.

missijay said...

Please come clean my room....it needs it. BAD. :)