exciting news

this girl is going to be sitting very front row at the jason aldean concert this summer. i could not possibly be anymore excited than i am right now. jason has been one of my very favorite singers for a long time, and if you have read this blog for a while you would know that by now.

when i found out last week that jason would be coming to utah for another concert, i flipped out. i immediately made plans with my friends and we worked everything out to go. we were planning on buying tickets this friday, when they went on sale to the public. 

long story short, my mom has a friend who is part of the jason aldean fan club. people in the fan club get offered pre-sale tickets, which include really good seats. my mom's friend knew how big of a fan i am, and offered to buy me some tickets through her account. 

when my mom asked me if i would want the tickets, i screamed in the phone and started jumping up and down. just ask my roommates, i'm sure it was quite the scene. after i got off the phone with my mom, i went running up and down my apartment screaming all the way and jumping everywhere. i was pretty much in shock. my heart was going a million miles an hour, and i was shaking so bad. once i finally got my act together, i sat in my room and i cried. tears of joy, of course. i called my mom again later that night to make sure it wasn't a dream. later, i got a picture of the receipt. 

the news hasn't really set in yet, it still feels like a dream to me. i always day dreamed what it would be like being front row and seeing jason so close, but now i actually get to experience it for real. so anyway, i have two tickets to jason aldean and i'm offering the second ticket to the highest bidder, so come get it. 

aaaaand i'm crying again. 

heres my post from last years concert.

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