today was PERFECT. i love being spontaneous, and i'd say a majority of my life is made up of spontaneous moments.  this afternoon happened to be one of those times. i was at lunch with a few friends, when a kid that i had just met asked if i wanted to go shooting with him. duh. i called up my best friend jessica and asked if she wanted to come with because i know she loves that kinda stuff as much as i do. we put our boots on, rounded up all the gear and headed up logan canyon. it was beautiful. it was the first time i had been up the canyon since last fall. 
we had the best time. i'm not the greatest shot, but i'm okay for a girl! not even the rain stopped us from having fun. i'm glad i went and i hope i can do it again soon. 

a day on old main hill

when the thermometer hits 50 degrees, the students of utah state come out from hibernating and migrate to the outdoors to enjoy the heat wave. yes, 50 degrees is considered really warm to the people that live here. i wore sandals to class and it was fantastic. it makes me so happy to have the sun back.
today was a perfect sunny day, so we did what every other student on campus was doing, and relaxed outside. there is a huge hill on campus that we call old main hill. and i'm not kidding when i say its a huge hill. people go snowboarding down it in the winter. that hill has provided me with a lot of good times over the winter, like sledding down it on lunch trays (story for another time). now that the snow has finally melted, it was nice to get outside and lay on the brown crunchy grass. while we were there, we had some fun sending snap chats, making up our own lyrics to songs and riding skateboards down old main. i'm so glad spring is here!

and here's a short stupid video for your enjoyment.


making plans.

i signed my first contract today, and i'm feeling super old. i put the deposit down and i'll officially be moving in on august 21st. i'll be living with three of the coolest girls in a really great place. i'm so excited. and i found out something weird today. one of my neighbors at the apartment complex is going to be this kid. so yeah, it should be interesting. but with that being said, i am beyond happy for whats in store.


this girl.

i am so lucky to have gotten the roommates that i did. before i met them, i was super nervous and i stalked them on facebook, wondering if we would get along. i don't know why i worried so much because we get along fantastically. they have grown to become some of my best friends, and i dread the day i have to move out and leave them. but one of my roommates, ashley, is going on a mission! last week we went to her house to watch her open her call. she is going to nauvoo, illinois speaking american sign language. i am so, so happy for her. i honestly couldn't have asked for a better roommate or friend. me and her have grown so close and i am going to miss her so much when she leaves. i'm proud of her choice to serve, but i'm sad to watch her go! and now, because i love her so much, here are some of ashley's hottest photos. 

but really though, thank you ashley for being the best roommate and providing me with endless entertainment! i love you! 


making plans

i re-did my blog. ya like it? okay, cool me too.

on monday i am going to put a deposit down on an apartment to live in next year. i'm feeling really grown up right about now. oh, and the best part about all of this? i'm living with my best friend, jessica. did you know that me and jessica met through blogging? last summer, i got a new follower on my blog, and when i checked out her blog i realized we had a lot of things in common. not only did we love the same things, but we were both going to be attending utah state as freshmen in the fall. well, one thing led to another and we became friends on facebook. once i moved up to logan, we met for the first time and instantly became friends. now, a year later, we are going to be living together. isn't it crazy how that happens? you just never know, someone that you follow today could be your roommate tomorrow. i love blogging for that reason.

i'm so excited for next year.



i am happy, i am healthy & life is good. 
the future is exciting. 

the last few months have been kind of rocky, but i'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. all it takes is a little patience, a few tears, a couple phone calls to mom, a handful of supportive friends and one amazing guy to help you through it all. sometimes when life gets hard, i forget to see the big picture. but i need to remind myself to take step back, take a deep breath and remember that time will always make things better. 

i am so lucky to live the life i do. 


utah lake

*this is a rambling post, don't feel the need to read it. 

i've got this thing for utah lake. yeah, its gross and it stinks and its ugly but i love it. i could always see utah lake from wherever i was, its a prominent point in the valley. every time i look at the lake, i get an over-whelming flood of memories. i think i speak for most of the people in utah county when i say i've spent a lot of damn time at that lake.

the late night drives with angie around the lake, the drives when we wouldn't say anything because nothing needed to be said. we would wear our pajamas because it was so late and our hair would be up and our make-up would be off. we always listened to george strait on those drives because george knows best. 

i remember those perfect nights spent at the lake with josh. that one time when we parked the truck and stepped outside into the snow. it was so unbelievably quiet and peaceful because everything was covered in a blanket of white that was still falling from the sky. the lake was frozen and we could see our breath. he wrapped his arms around me and we stood there perfectly still because we didn't want to disturb the silence. 

there were the times that me and angie and the boys would go on the other side of the lake and go shooting in the million degree weather and ride those stupid dirt bikes that we could never get to work. while the boys tried to fix their dang bikes, me and angie would sit on the tailgate and eat our dill pickle sunflower seeds. 

i miss the bonfires we used to have at abrams property on the lake shore while we got attacked by bugs, or all of the times i've been night fishing and didn't catch a dang thing. or all the afternoons that me and zach spent test driving expensive trucks around the lake.

of course there was that one time that me and angie ran across the frozen lake and it was probably the dumbest thing we've ever done but also one of the funnest. every time we talk about that night we just laugh.

we laugh about the one night that we showed up at the lake and josh and jared were running around with their shirts off screaming things and we had no idea why, but it was hilarious. 

i laugh now at the time shawn was driving over 100mph around the lake but at the time i was scared to death. me and angie held on for dear life and tried not to spill our seeds. i still think about the good time i had while boating with luke and the gang on sunday afternoon after our crazy weekend we spent camping. 

i've got so many dang good memories at that lake, and every time i look at it i cant help but be happy. that place has seen me laugh, and its even seen me cry. utah lake, no matter how nasty it is, is pretty amazing to me and holds a special place in my heart. 


struggles make you stronger

i am so lucky. sometimes when life gets hard, and i get down, i start to forget all the things that i have been blessed with. when a trial is thrown my way, i seem to forget about all the wonderful & amazing things that have happened in my life. when things are tough, i tend to forget about all the good things in my life and i focus on the negative. negative thoughts consume my mind and i begin to think that my life hasn't amounted to anything worthwhile and i get overwhelmed. i get stuck in these ruts of negative thoughts, and they circle around in my head for days. but somehow, i always pull myself out of those ruts. some days it feels like my life isn't going anywhere, and like everyone has it better than i do. but then i look around, and realize that isn't the case. i am so unbelievably lucky to live the life i do. sure, its hard and yeah, some days i feel really sorry for myself. but honestly, i have it so good. maybe i don't have a car while everyone else i know does, or maybe i don't own the cutest clothes because i don't have any money or maybe i don't have the nicest body or the biggest boobs. maybe i don't go out every night or have tons of friends and go on dates every weekend. but i do have a few awesome friends. ones that piss me off sometimes, but ones that i know will be there for me whenever i need them. i have a best friend who is getting married, and i am so happy for her. yeah, its hard to watch her move on and its a struggle to deal with, but i am happy for her. i have the most fantastic roommates that i could ever imagine. we don't always see eye to eye, but i love them for who they are and the support system they have been for me. i am so lucky to have jessica, one of the best people i have met at college. hell, i am lucky to even go to college. not everyone gets the opportunity i do. i am blessed with a body that works and functions and lets me run, even though it might not be the most attractive. most of all, i am blessed with an amazing family. a brother who drives me crazy, and two selfless parents. two parents that i disappoint and let down, yet they still love me unconditionally. i have it so good.

yeah, life is hard & i have struggles. surprise! i'm not perfect. college isn't easy and neither is living on my own. every day is a struggle, but every day is also a lesson. some days really suck and its okay to have bad days, but other days you need to find the silver lining and remember how good you really have it.



one of my favorite things ever is going home for the weekend. i really miss home and seeing my friends and family for a few days makes everything right in the world again. the only way i make it through living up here in this frozen tundra is counting down the days until i can go back home. its awful, i know. anyway, i went home this past weekend and i didn't do anything particularly fun, but sitting with my best friends doing nothing is better than sitting in my apartment. 

now that my best friend is engaged, i get to participate in all sorts of fun things to help her plan for her wedding. this weekend was no different. on saturday night we went mattress shopping. super fun, right? oh the joys of growing up. its a good thing i love the two of them to death. really though, her fiance is like my brother. but that's a story for another time. 

^^jared finally fixed his truck so we went for a cruise

^^cheesecake factory with my girl 

^^ shout out to my boys zach & josh.
 i know you two are reading this. 

^^jared hates us sometimes

^^trying out beds. being third wheel really sucks sometimes. 

it was a much needed weekend. i'm looking forward to spring break next week.