a day on old main hill

when the thermometer hits 50 degrees, the students of utah state come out from hibernating and migrate to the outdoors to enjoy the heat wave. yes, 50 degrees is considered really warm to the people that live here. i wore sandals to class and it was fantastic. it makes me so happy to have the sun back.
today was a perfect sunny day, so we did what every other student on campus was doing, and relaxed outside. there is a huge hill on campus that we call old main hill. and i'm not kidding when i say its a huge hill. people go snowboarding down it in the winter. that hill has provided me with a lot of good times over the winter, like sledding down it on lunch trays (story for another time). now that the snow has finally melted, it was nice to get outside and lay on the brown crunchy grass. while we were there, we had some fun sending snap chats, making up our own lyrics to songs and riding skateboards down old main. i'm so glad spring is here!

and here's a short stupid video for your enjoyment.

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