one of my favorite things ever is going home for the weekend. i really miss home and seeing my friends and family for a few days makes everything right in the world again. the only way i make it through living up here in this frozen tundra is counting down the days until i can go back home. its awful, i know. anyway, i went home this past weekend and i didn't do anything particularly fun, but sitting with my best friends doing nothing is better than sitting in my apartment. 

now that my best friend is engaged, i get to participate in all sorts of fun things to help her plan for her wedding. this weekend was no different. on saturday night we went mattress shopping. super fun, right? oh the joys of growing up. its a good thing i love the two of them to death. really though, her fiance is like my brother. but that's a story for another time. 

^^jared finally fixed his truck so we went for a cruise

^^cheesecake factory with my girl 

^^ shout out to my boys zach & josh.
 i know you two are reading this. 

^^jared hates us sometimes

^^trying out beds. being third wheel really sucks sometimes. 

it was a much needed weekend. i'm looking forward to spring break next week.

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