making plans

i re-did my blog. ya like it? okay, cool me too.

on monday i am going to put a deposit down on an apartment to live in next year. i'm feeling really grown up right about now. oh, and the best part about all of this? i'm living with my best friend, jessica. did you know that me and jessica met through blogging? last summer, i got a new follower on my blog, and when i checked out her blog i realized we had a lot of things in common. not only did we love the same things, but we were both going to be attending utah state as freshmen in the fall. well, one thing led to another and we became friends on facebook. once i moved up to logan, we met for the first time and instantly became friends. now, a year later, we are going to be living together. isn't it crazy how that happens? you just never know, someone that you follow today could be your roommate tomorrow. i love blogging for that reason.

i'm so excited for next year.

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