struggles make you stronger

i am so lucky. sometimes when life gets hard, and i get down, i start to forget all the things that i have been blessed with. when a trial is thrown my way, i seem to forget about all the wonderful & amazing things that have happened in my life. when things are tough, i tend to forget about all the good things in my life and i focus on the negative. negative thoughts consume my mind and i begin to think that my life hasn't amounted to anything worthwhile and i get overwhelmed. i get stuck in these ruts of negative thoughts, and they circle around in my head for days. but somehow, i always pull myself out of those ruts. some days it feels like my life isn't going anywhere, and like everyone has it better than i do. but then i look around, and realize that isn't the case. i am so unbelievably lucky to live the life i do. sure, its hard and yeah, some days i feel really sorry for myself. but honestly, i have it so good. maybe i don't have a car while everyone else i know does, or maybe i don't own the cutest clothes because i don't have any money or maybe i don't have the nicest body or the biggest boobs. maybe i don't go out every night or have tons of friends and go on dates every weekend. but i do have a few awesome friends. ones that piss me off sometimes, but ones that i know will be there for me whenever i need them. i have a best friend who is getting married, and i am so happy for her. yeah, its hard to watch her move on and its a struggle to deal with, but i am happy for her. i have the most fantastic roommates that i could ever imagine. we don't always see eye to eye, but i love them for who they are and the support system they have been for me. i am so lucky to have jessica, one of the best people i have met at college. hell, i am lucky to even go to college. not everyone gets the opportunity i do. i am blessed with a body that works and functions and lets me run, even though it might not be the most attractive. most of all, i am blessed with an amazing family. a brother who drives me crazy, and two selfless parents. two parents that i disappoint and let down, yet they still love me unconditionally. i have it so good.

yeah, life is hard & i have struggles. surprise! i'm not perfect. college isn't easy and neither is living on my own. every day is a struggle, but every day is also a lesson. some days really suck and its okay to have bad days, but other days you need to find the silver lining and remember how good you really have it.

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hey i think you're pretty cool.