this girl.

i am so lucky to have gotten the roommates that i did. before i met them, i was super nervous and i stalked them on facebook, wondering if we would get along. i don't know why i worried so much because we get along fantastically. they have grown to become some of my best friends, and i dread the day i have to move out and leave them. but one of my roommates, ashley, is going on a mission! last week we went to her house to watch her open her call. she is going to nauvoo, illinois speaking american sign language. i am so, so happy for her. i honestly couldn't have asked for a better roommate or friend. me and her have grown so close and i am going to miss her so much when she leaves. i'm proud of her choice to serve, but i'm sad to watch her go! and now, because i love her so much, here are some of ashley's hottest photos. 

but really though, thank you ashley for being the best roommate and providing me with endless entertainment! i love you! 

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