utah lake

*this is a rambling post, don't feel the need to read it. 

i've got this thing for utah lake. yeah, its gross and it stinks and its ugly but i love it. i could always see utah lake from wherever i was, its a prominent point in the valley. every time i look at the lake, i get an over-whelming flood of memories. i think i speak for most of the people in utah county when i say i've spent a lot of damn time at that lake.

the late night drives with angie around the lake, the drives when we wouldn't say anything because nothing needed to be said. we would wear our pajamas because it was so late and our hair would be up and our make-up would be off. we always listened to george strait on those drives because george knows best. 

i remember those perfect nights spent at the lake with josh. that one time when we parked the truck and stepped outside into the snow. it was so unbelievably quiet and peaceful because everything was covered in a blanket of white that was still falling from the sky. the lake was frozen and we could see our breath. he wrapped his arms around me and we stood there perfectly still because we didn't want to disturb the silence. 

there were the times that me and angie and the boys would go on the other side of the lake and go shooting in the million degree weather and ride those stupid dirt bikes that we could never get to work. while the boys tried to fix their dang bikes, me and angie would sit on the tailgate and eat our dill pickle sunflower seeds. 

i miss the bonfires we used to have at abrams property on the lake shore while we got attacked by bugs, or all of the times i've been night fishing and didn't catch a dang thing. or all the afternoons that me and zach spent test driving expensive trucks around the lake.

of course there was that one time that me and angie ran across the frozen lake and it was probably the dumbest thing we've ever done but also one of the funnest. every time we talk about that night we just laugh.

we laugh about the one night that we showed up at the lake and josh and jared were running around with their shirts off screaming things and we had no idea why, but it was hilarious. 

i laugh now at the time shawn was driving over 100mph around the lake but at the time i was scared to death. me and angie held on for dear life and tried not to spill our seeds. i still think about the good time i had while boating with luke and the gang on sunday afternoon after our crazy weekend we spent camping. 

i've got so many dang good memories at that lake, and every time i look at it i cant help but be happy. that place has seen me laugh, and its even seen me cry. utah lake, no matter how nasty it is, is pretty amazing to me and holds a special place in my heart. 

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kelci r said...

Hey there! Its Kelci from http://littleswimmers.blogspot.com/. Well I'm not sure if you remember this or not, but last year at this time I was contemplating whether or not to leave home and be nanny. By leaving home that meant breaking things off with the current guy I was with.. and you left a comment that made my decision for me. You said "this is my opinion but... you can always get another job. you cant get another collin." That really jumped out at me and I just wanted to thank you. Collin and I are still together and life is really great. Soo, I just wanted to give a big thanks!! :)