wrapping things up

my freshman year at utah state is coming to a close. while it has undoubtedly been the hardest year of my life, it has also been the most rewarding. from learning new things and learning about myself to meeting the most amazing people, this year has been full of ups and downs. i failed a few tests, skipped a few classes, got lost a number of times and wrote dozens of papers. i met some unbelievable people and found my best friend. i shared some amazing kisses and laughed until i cried. i learned to live on my own, and how to accept people for who they are.
i remember before the school year started, i was so worried about not having any friends, wondering if utah state was right for me and even wondering if i should go to school. a year later, i know with clarity that this is the right place for me. logan utah has become my home. while i still miss pleasant grove, logan is my favorite place to be. freshman year has been the greatest year of my life, and i am so sad to see it end. it is going to be hard for me to pack up my things as i'm moving out this week.
as this year ends, i am already excited out of my mind to start my sophomore year. i hope this summer flies by so i can move into my new apartment and start making memories with my future roommates. i'm already so excited for aggie football and everything else that comes along with a new school year. i am so happy that i chose to become an aggie. it has been the greatest decision i have ever made.


lucky me

let me just talk about this girl for a minute.
i am so glad that she got put into my life. she came into my life at the exact perfect time and its obvious that our friendship was meant to me. being a freshman in college, knowing no one, this girl stepped into my life and quickly became my best friend. it usually takes me a while to warm up to people, but she gave me a hug the first time we hung out and i'll never forget that. we instantly clicked and things have been great ever since. i'm so glad that she got put into my life at the time she did. everything fit so perfectly, and we became friends so smoothly. i'm proud that i get to call her my best friend and i am so blessed to be able to go through this phase of my life with her. going through this whole college experience with her is seriously the funnest thing ever. we just get each other, and its so easy to have fun with her. she holds my secrets, laughs at my jokes and best of all, she gives me a big dose of reality when i need it. any person that can keep up with my crazy boy drama is a keeper. she is my best friend and i am so glad i have her. i can not wait to live with her next year, and see what the future has in store for us. i'm sure it will have something to do with a lot of country boys and long drives. i know that we will be those kinds of friends that send christmas cards to each other thirty years down the road, and my kids will point and ask who is that? and i will tell my kids about my crazy best friend that i met at utah state. love you jess.


wrapping up

blogging... i have a love hate relationship with you. i'm here to give you another bull crap excuse that i've been too busy to write. so much is going on right now, and honestly, i just don't have as much time for blogging as i did in high school. school is getting super busy with finals just around the corner, and i have a lot of studying to do. but! summer is on its way with only a few weeks left of school and i can hardly wait. i'll be moving back home for the summer and although i'm so sad to be leaving my roommates and moving out of this apartment, i'm ready to go back home and spend some time with my friends and family.

so, although i have no pictures, here are some videos of my weekend.


dreaming of summer

this last weekend was a crazy one. saturday morning was a little hectic, due to a huge mess-up on my part. i made the biggest mistake thus far in my college career and i thought a grade in one of my classes was going to be ruined. good thing people are really forgiving, and my crappy saturday morning was somewhat salvaged. saturday afternoon i went home to spend easter with my family and friends. on saturday i had easter dinner with my second family and spent some quality time with my favorite people. saturday night we had our first fire of the season. there is nothing more relaxing than sitting around a fire with good buddies and making each other laugh. since having that fire, i've been so ready for summer to get here. me and josh were talking last night about all the fun things were going to do this summer. bring on the rodeos, concerts, camping, shooting and fires. this summer is going to be good.