dreaming of summer

this last weekend was a crazy one. saturday morning was a little hectic, due to a huge mess-up on my part. i made the biggest mistake thus far in my college career and i thought a grade in one of my classes was going to be ruined. good thing people are really forgiving, and my crappy saturday morning was somewhat salvaged. saturday afternoon i went home to spend easter with my family and friends. on saturday i had easter dinner with my second family and spent some quality time with my favorite people. saturday night we had our first fire of the season. there is nothing more relaxing than sitting around a fire with good buddies and making each other laugh. since having that fire, i've been so ready for summer to get here. me and josh were talking last night about all the fun things were going to do this summer. bring on the rodeos, concerts, camping, shooting and fires. this summer is going to be good.

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