its been 10 days.

i never thought i'd actually say that i miss school. i have been at home for 10 days. thats 10 days that i haven't been in logan, 10 days that i haven't seen my roommates or hung out with jessica. its been over a week since i've stepped foot on campus. and you know what? i miss utah state like crazy. freshman year was the hardest year of my life, but it was also the greatest. i miss everything about school. i can't wait to get back up there in the fall and see everyone again. as hard as college is, and as much papers i have to write, i enjoy it so much.
i'm torn. as much as i love summer, i'm just ready for school to start again.
oh utah state, i love you so much.


stopping to catch my breath


my life has been nothing but a whirlwind recently. the days have blended together into one big blur and i couldn't tell you what i was doing a week ago. my days have been jam packed with fun and friends. the last few weeks have been outrageously busy. i've realized that as much as i wish, my life ain't slowing down. this fast pace is the new me.

the past few weeks have been a hurricane of emotions, but i am recovering. today is the first day in weeks that i haven't been bombarded with things to do. and honestly, i really just need to sit by myself for a few days and process everything that happened the last little while. i finally have a few minutes to myself, and i am going to soak it up.

now that i am home for the summer, it is time to get ready for angie's wedding, make summer plans and find a job. here i go again.

p.s. i haven't been home for even a week and i already miss logan so much. i cant wait until the fall to go back!