i'm back

i've missed writing. writing has always been a way for me to work out my feelings when the inside of my head got too jumbled. over the last year, i haven't blogged much. my life picked up pace and blogging got pushed to the back burner while i was busy living my life. i've done a lot of thinking and i want blogging to be a part of my life again. i want to make the time to write out my thoughts so one day i can look back and see how much i've grown and changed.

i wont bother going back and writing out everything that's happened over the last few months. they have been months used for maturing, growing and hold memories dear to my heart. some really great things have happened over the past months, and i have written them all out, from start to finish and i had planned on publishing them, but i think i'll keep them in my drafts for now.

with the past in the past, i am going to start blogging about my life in the now. it's time i start writing again because i find that the more i write, the more i learn about myself. i am ready for this.

let's start from today. although many things in my life have changed, i'm still the same old me. for example, today i drove my boss' truck and crafted a little bit for my apartment. i am still melia, i still love the same things but i have also learned a lot of lessons and have set high goals for myself. and blogging is one of them.

so, without further adieu, lets get little country started again.

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kelci r said...

i totally get what you're saying. :)